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Charlottesville Web Design Companies

1. Logical - North Downtown

Logical uses intelligent design to drive traffic and captivate users. With a background in search engine optimization, Logical is suited to handle design with a focus on generating valuable traffic in search engines like Google.

Specialties: Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix

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2. Vibethink - Downtown Mall

Vibethink offers stunning visualizations with top-notch content and an impressive list of clients to boot. They're located right on the downtown mall and they may be worth the hire solely based on their office space.

Specialties: Web Development, Branding

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3. Convoy - Downtown Mall

Convoy is a passionate team of brand experts, designers, and developers fully equipped to guide your company through today’s competitive marketplace. They know that the strength of any brand comes first from its people, so we partner with clients we believe in.

Specialties: Graphic Design, Web Development, Branding

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4. Cville Media Group - Downtown Mall

Cville Media creates robust user-friendly software solutions. Everything they design is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Specialties: Web Design & Development, Graphic Design

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5. Blue Cloud Studio - Barboursville, VA

Blue Cloud Studio believes a successful project brings together design, development, marketing, search engine optimization, user experience, fast hosting, and a little drizzle of awesome sauce.

Specialties: Web Design & Development

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6. Douglas Green - Charlottesville, VA

Douglas has 19 years of experience in both design and development for agencies, design studios, small businesses, and corporate clients. He also works as a front-end developer for a marketing agency in Richmond.

Specialties: Web Design

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7. drw Design - Charlottesville, VA

Drw's goal is to simplify the process of creating and maintaining your site. They do the work, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Specialties: Web Design, Ecommerce

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8. Eric Rac - Charlottesville, VA

Eric focuses on the customer experience. He creates professional, responsive websites that attract and engage customers for lasting impressions.

Specialties: Squarespace Design

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9. Albano Design - Charlottesville, VA

Albano provides graphic, logo, and web design services, business cards, print and marketing materials, branding and advertising. They also do graphics and photography projects.

Specialties: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography

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10. Burwind - Ruckersville, VA

Ben Eppard is a writer and designer who specializes in designing logos and mobile-friendly websites built on WordPress.

Specialties: Wordpress, Divi

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About Logical

We create web content designed to drive traffic and generate results.